Dear harmonica-loving friends

I'm very happy and grateful, having played with and being inspired by the best harmonicaplayers in the world, to take you on a trip in 'Magic Music Land' with my harmonica-sound (and compositions). My deepest desire is to play many times for you in this life-time, live, on CD, radio, TV, PC etc.

(a lot of) love + harmony,

Tim H. Welvaars


Courses for Jazzharmonica and Bluesharp

We offer 2 different courses: the ABC course for Jazzharmonica and the ABCD for Bluesharp course.

ABC course for Jazzharmonica

Getting started with the chromatic harmonica is easy with this Absolute Beginners Course by Tim Welvaars...

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ABCD for Bluesharp course

The ABCD for blues harp course is an outstanding method for BEGINNING as well as ADVANCED players...

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