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How do I get T3?

The T3 App is available in the Windows 10 store here.

The T3 App is available for older versions of Windows here.

The T3 App is developed for Windows PCs. If you use an Apple Mac, Chromebook, Android device, iPhone or iPad, you can enjoy the Tims Tiny Tunes without the app by using the PDFs or JPGs. The JPGs are included with the Tunes for the T3 app. You can find more info here.

What T3 does for you

"Tims Tiny Tunes" are a great way to learn to play jazzharmonica, bluesharp or stringinstruments like guitar, ukulele, mandolin and banjo. If you are just starting and don’t read music scores yet, T3 offers a great solution. T3 shows you not only the music scores but als the ABC notation (C, D, E, F, G, A, B) and tabs for the different instruments. Tabs tell you on which hole of the chromatic jazz harmonica or diatonic blues harp to draw or blow or which string to play on a guitar, ukulele, mandolin and banjo.

With T3 you can play the Tune, start the backingtrack, open Tims video lesson or change the key of the Tune. You can even create your own Tunes. A detailed “How To” explanation comes with the app.

T3 comes with six free Tiny Tunes and the corresponding backing tracks at normal speed plus three of the backing tracks at slower speed for easier practise. Use these Tunes to explore T3 and experience how quickly you will learn and enjoy Tims Tiny Tunes.

Tims Tiny Tunes without T3 App

Learn to play jazz harmonica!

From 1988 I have learned a lot as a professional jazz harmonica player from great musicians from around the world. Filled with all that experience, coupled with my own taste, I would like to share that with everyone who is just such a "harmonica-holic" as I am (or wants to be!).


What are the Tim's Tiny Tunes?

Example → Harmonica lesson 2: level 2, samba, Dm7

Courses for Jazzharmonica and Bluesharp

We offer 5 different courses: the ABC course for Jazzharmonica, the ABCD for Bluesharp course, My Specials-part 1 en 2, My Special Giant Steps (3 levels) and My Specials Bluesette (3 levels).

Amsterdam Connection

Workshops in France!

Amsterdam Connection organizes music workshops in France, at the beautiful chateau Le Glandier. This castle is located 200 km (125 miles) south of Paris.
During this beautiful music week Team Harmoy teaches the students how to improve both playing together as well as improvising on an individual level.

TIM: Workshops & Teambuilding


Het doel van de TIM (Together In Music) training is om mensen in groepsverband (min 10 -max 1000!) het plezier van het samen muziek maken te laten ervaren en daarmee tevens de harmonie tussen die deelnemers te bevorderen.

Docent & Workshopleider

Sinds 1986

“Wat ik van Toots geleerd heb, dat geef ik door aan jou.” (Dir. Tim H. Welvaars)

Tel. 06-532 665 84
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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