My Special Giant Steps 1 (beginner/medium)

€ 25,00 each

Here's my newest creation, 30 variations (specials) in 3 different levels on John Coltrane's bebopmasterpiece Giant Steps. Watch the video for information!

This product is the 'My Special Giant Steps 1'. It is for BEGINNING as well as MEDIUM players. It consists of 10 specials.

There are 3 levels with 10 specials each:

  1. beginner/medium in tempo 120 (this product)
  2. medium/advanced in tempo 150
  3. advanced/masterclass in tempo 180

These specials are not only written and meant for the chromatic harmonica, but for EVERY other instrument as well!!! If you like to be challenged in improvising over Giant Steps, I'm sure this material will help and inspire you.

Have a lot of fun playing!!! 

What do you get?

For the mentioned price you receive a digital product:

  1. 10 play-along tracks (mp3-files)
  2. 10 digital scores of all the solos (pfd-file).
  3. Free bonus: 10 slow backing tracks (mp3-file)
  4. Free bonus: Tabs to use with the T3-app (the file 'TTT My Special Giant Steps - (c) Tim Welvaars.txt'). (view information about the T3 app...)

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