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This product is for users of older Windows versions. Click on above button 'Add to cart', then 'Proceed to Checkout' and get the T3 App inclusive 6 examples of Tims Tiny Tunes, 6 Backingtracks en 3 Slow Backingtracks for free,

Content of this product

You get a digital file with the T3 App, 6 Tunes, 6 Backingtracks, 3 Slow Backingtracks and all instrumentdefinitions. You will also receive the English-language installation instructions.

Which instruments does T3 support and include?

⇒ Standard jazz harmonica's: Chrometta 8 C Hohner, 10 hole in the key of C, 12 hole in the key of C, 14 hole in the key of C, 16 hole in the key of C

⇒ Alternative jazz harmonica's: 12 hole in the key of A, Bb, B, D, Eb, E, F, G, low E, Low F, 10 hole orchestra tuning in the key of C, 12 hole orchestra tuning in the key of C, 12 hole orchestra 3 octave tuning in the key of C, 12 hole diminished tuning in the key of C

⇒ Standard blues harps: Ab, A, Bb, B, C, Db, D, Eb, E, F, F#, G

⇒ Alternative blues harps: Low C, Seydel Big Six Folk, Seydel Big Six Blues, Lee Oskar Major Diatonic C, Lee Oskar Melody Maker, Lee Oskar Natural Minor Gm, Lee Oskar Harmonic Minor Cm

⇒ Ukulele: Tenor/Linear (GCEA) , Standard/Re-entrant (gCEA), Baritone (DGBE)

⇒ Guitar: Standard (EADGBE), Open A (EAEAC#E), Open C (CGCGCE), Open D (DADF#AD), Open G (DGDGBD), Pentatonic (ACDEGA)

⇒ Mandoline: Standard/Soprano (GGDDAAEE), Piccolo (GGDDAAEE), Alto (CCGGDDAA), Tenor (GGDDAAEE)

⇒ Banjo, Cello 5 string (GDGBD), Cello 4 string (CGDA)

What T3 does for you

"Tims Tiny Tunes" are a great way to learn to play harmonica or other instruments. If you are just starting and don’t read music scores yet, T3 offers a great solution. T3 shows you not only the music scores but als the ABC notation (C, D, E, F, G, A, B) and tabs for the different instruments. Tabs tell you on which hole of the chromatic jazz harmonica or diatonic blues harp to draw or blow or which string to play on a guitar, ukulele, mandolin and banjo.

With T3 you can play the Tune, start the backingtrack, open Tims video lesson or change the key of the Tune. You can even create your own Tunes. A detailed “How To” explanation comes with the app.

T3 comes with six free Tiny Tunes and the corresponding backing tracks at normal speed plus three of the backing tracks at slower speed for easier practise. Use these Tunes to explore T3 and experience how quickly you will learn and enjoy Tims Tiny Tunes.

Products for T3 App

For the Tims Tiny Tunes level 1 and level 2 you can order Tunes & Tabs, Backing Tracks and Slow Backing Tracks. Check out and order these product here.


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