Stevie Wonder

"Tim is a genius on the harmonica!"

Toots Thielemans

"I have known Tim for many years. He’s a good musician and he plays a clean harmonica. He seems in progress each time I hear him and on this album (“Intimacy”) he shows his producer potential using some of the musicians I like to play with."

Bob Zimmerman

"Tim Welvaars is een waardige kroonprins van Koning Toots. Hij bezit smaak, timing en grote virtuositeit en is steevast een lust voor ieders oor. Een rasmuzikant".

Mauricio Einhorn

I never met somebody so optimist or any other definition of a positive attitude towars people and also to the life itself. So, I thought to ask some lessons from him. He immediatly said: "I'll be honoured and happy to do so"...

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Herb Jeffries

Flaming-O Productions 2001

I have no hesitation in giving Tim Welvaars my highest recommendation as a harmonica player of extraordinary ability...

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Arjen Witte

EMI Music Publishing 2001

Tim's honorarium is commensurate to his status, virtuoso. Tim is the number one call if harmonica music is needed...

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Eric van Tijn

Soundwise 2001

He is certainly one of the very best in his field and no one would ever dispute the claim that he is Holland's number one harmonica player...

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Eric van Tijn

Soundwise 2001

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Tim is a celebrity in the Netherlands, known as the only pupil of Toots Thielemans. I feel privileged to know him and to have worked with him. Tim is considered an outstanding composer, arranger and one of the best harmonica players world wide...

Kenny Burrell

University of California, Los Angeles 2001

I write this letter to express my support for Tim Welvaars. Tim is a highly gifted musician whom I have heard perform on several occasions. I was solidly impressed by his unique talent on the chromatic harmonica...

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Matt Herskowitz


In Holland he performed with the Dutch harmonica player Tim Welvaars, who appears Lucid and other recordings...

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Dirk Godts

Uncle Jazz Productions bvba

His effortless mastery of the instrument, his harmonical and melodical language and his great and honest personality will make his appearances in the United States more then interesting...

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