My Specials - deel 2

Spice up your playing, practicing, improvisation and jamming with the “MY SPECIALS” package!

Beginners and advanced players, play-along lessons for all instruments

My Specials”, part 2, brings new life to standards in jazz, bossa and pop by offering a fresh and alternative way to play these classics. You'll learn 10 new melodies based on well known standards like Bluesette, You're the sunshine of my life, Corcovado, There's no greater love, Mr PC, I got Rhythm, What a difference a day makes etc.

My Specials is for BEGINNING as well as ADVANCED players. And for ALL melody INSTRUMENTS.

My Specials 2

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"If you already have a good grounding in music theory then 'My Specials' are the perfect way to proceed once you understand how to hold the instrument and get the basic sound. Tim plays at the start (giving you a sense of what you are aiming for) then leaves space for you to learn through improvising blues scales over tuneful backing tracks)..great learning material. Friendly & speedy service from someone who clearly 'knows his stuff' as a musician & harmonica player. " Dave W (customer)


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